Terms And Conditions
All users of Vecret must meet with all the terms and conditions.
You cannot use Vecret if you are under 13 years old (or the minimum legal age in your country to use our Products).
Public Conduct
It is strictly prohibited to use insulting, offensive and abusive languages on the website.
Privacy Policy
All users have to read the privacy policy linked and abide by it .
Vecret has the full right to block any user from using the website and its services accordingly.
Fake Identity
It is strictly prohibited to use fake identity (impersonation) and Vecret has the right to employ appropriate measures.
Void Accounts
Null accounts can be removed at any given time that is seemed to be fair by Vecret.
Deletion Of Messages And Accounts
Vecret has the right to withdraw any message or account whenever the website management sees plausible.
Vecret has the right to use the information given by users with agreement to the privacy policy.
Vecret has the full right to send electronic messages to users with what it finds reasonable with the option to unsubscribe from notification e-mails.
Alterations Of Terms And Conditions
We have the right to modify terms and conditions when required.
Limits Of Responsibility
Vecret is not responsible for the added content by the users or any issues that could have resulted from the latter.The user should take full responsibility for the content exchanged on the website
Contact Us
You can contact us using the "Contact Us" page.
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